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Frequently Asked Questions - Florida Architecture License Renewal

When is the Florida Architect Licensure renewal date?

Feb. 28, 2025

­What is the difference between the license renewal deadline and the continuing education credit reporting deadline?

Your license­ ­renewa­l ­deadline is the date your licensure renewal paperwork is due to the Department of Business and Professional Regulation. That date is Feb. 28, 2025. Your continuing education credit ­reporting ­deadline is the date that all 24 hours of required continuing education must be completed, which is Dec. 31, 2024.


­What is the Florida Board of Architecture and Interior Design (BOAID) phone number?­ Website?

(850) 487-1395­

­I have extra CE hours. Can they roll over to the next renewal cycle?

No, any additional hours above the required 24 will not apply to any other renewal years.

­What is the license renewal fee?


­How many hours are required by the state of Florida for license renewal?

24:­ 22 hours of Health, Safety, Welfare (HSW) credit and two hours of advanced Florida Building Code Credit.

­How do I know if a course I have taken is an approved advanced FBC course?

If it was taken through AIA Florida it will have advanced FBC in the title and includes an FBC number.

If it was taken through another vendor, you will need to contact them directly.

­I am a newly Florida licensed architect, do I need to fulfill the CE requirement?

­If you were licensed­­­ ­after­­ ­March 1, 2023, ­­then no, you do not need to fulfill the CE requirement,­ ­you will just need to renew your license.

If you were licensed ­on or before­­ ­Feb. 28, 2023,­ then yes, you will need to fulfill the CE requirement and renew your license.

­I am out of state and don't want to travel to Florida. How can I get my advanced FBC hours?

We have webinars and on-demand courses available that offer HSW and advanced FBC credit.­ See our list of webinars ­HERE­ and our on-demand course library ­­HERE


­I am an AIA Emeritus member. ­Do I still need to comply with the CE terms?

­If you want to keep an active license in Florida, the state requires you to complete the CE hours and renew your license. ­If you are retired or retiring, you may call the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) and request that­­they place you in “null and void” status that you do not have to comply with the CE terms; however, you will also not be licensed to practice. You can contact DBPR at (850) 487-1395 for more information.


­Are you offering the full 24 hours in a seminar format for the February 2025 renewal deadline?

­Yes, it will be held as a webinar over a four-day period.­ Dates to be determined.­­


­When is the deadline to have all of my continuing education credits for AIA renewal and Florida licensure renewal completed?

­Dec. 31, 2024, for both AIA and Florida licensure renewal.


­If I have taken more than two hours of the advanced Florida Building Code, can I use the extra hours towards my HSW requirement?



­How do I know how many hours I have?

If you are an AIA member:­ Visit and in the top right-hand corner, ­log in with your credentials.­ Click on my account in the top red bar.­ You'll be able to­ view your transcripts and print.­

­If you are NOT an AIA Member: There is no cumulative record of the hours you have taken. The state does not keep CE on file for architects.­ You will need to gather your certificates from the companies with whom you took CE courses. This is a great reason to join AIA!


­What do I do if I am missing credits on my transcript?

You will need to contact the provider of that course. If it’s an AIA Florida, AIA Florida Northwest, or AIA Palm Beach course, please contact Hilary Gill at­ or George Henning at

­What if I don’t have certificates for my courses?

If you are an AIA Member, the state of Florida will accept your transcript as proof.
If you are not a member and it was an AIA Florida, AIA Florida Northwest, or AIA Palm Beach course, please contact Hilary Gill at ­­ or George Henning at ­

How can I obtain my continuing education hours?

Visit the continuing education page on our webiste ­HERE.

See our calendar of events for your local components­ ­­­­HERE.


What qualifies for health, safety and welfare?

Health includes aspects of architecture that have salutary effects among users of buildings or sites and address environmental issues.
Safety includes aspects of architecture intended to limit or prevent accidental injury or death among users of buildings or sites.
Welfare ­­includes aspects of architecture that engender positive emotional responses among, or enable equal access by, users of buildings or sites.

­Who can I contact if I have a question?

Hilary Gill at (850) 222-7590 or email­.

­For AIA CES Records, call (800) 242-3837, or ­check out CES Discovery or AIA Resources


­What is the difference between self-designed activity and self-reported programs?

­A self-designed activity is an educational activity designed by the learner, such as reading, viewing videos and using CD-ROMS. Self-reported programs are structured activities offered by non-AIA registered providers. Florida no longer accepts self-designed­ or self-reported documentation for licensure, but AIA does accept both for membership renewal.

­In general, self-reported activities will be approved only for LU|Elective credit because there is no prior review by AIA CES course reviewers nor is the provider held accountable for meeting AIA’s standards for Heath, Safety, and Welfare (HSW) credit. However, programs offered by a government agency (including registration boards) or credit courses completed at a NAAB-accredited college or university may be submitted for LU|HSW consideration. Self-reported activities must be educational activities that cover knowledge that can be applied toward the member’s practice of architecture.

To determine which activities qualify for self-reporting, the following questions should all have an affirmative response:

• Is this learning activity directly applicable to the field of architecture?

• Is this activity intended to be educational?

• Is new knowledge acquired from or shared with others?

• Can this new knowledge be applied to the member’s practice?

Read more about self-reporting requirements here

­Is the 12-hour HSW requirement in addition to the 18 LUs for AIA?

No. Even though AIA records by learning unit hours (LUs), they require at least 12 hours of the 18 LUs be in HSW.








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