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All AIA Florida courses are in compliance with AIA CES guidelines, which states that all courses must be updated every three years. Additionally, all Advanced FBC courses are in compliance with the Florida Building Commission, which states the course is valid for two years, and can renewed only if there are no codes changes. Courses purchased through AIA Florida should be completed and submitted for credit within the allotted timeframes. No refunds or transfers will be granted for expired courses.

The following courses are available:

Advanced FBC: Significant Changes to the 5th Edition (2014) Florida Building Code, Building and Residential

Adv. FBC# 699.0 / AIA# DLSC15

The 2012 International Codes are the base codes for the 5th Edition (2014) Florida Building Code. This course is intended to introduce the significant changes to the 5th Edition (2014) Florida Building Code, Building (FBCB) and the 5th Edition (2014) Florida Building Code, Residential (FBCR) from the 2010 editions. The presentation will address changes to the building planning, fire protection, means of egress and structural provisions of the codes. This course will provide a detailed analysis of the significant changes to the codes resulting from changes to the base code and new Florida-specific Amendments. SATISFIES 2 HOUR ADVANCED FBC

Your Price: $200.00
Member Price: $150.00

Advanced: A Walk Through the Life Safety Code Changes from The Florida Building Code 2010 to The Florida Building Code 5th Edition (2014)


This course will highlight the Life Safety changes from the current FBC2010 to the new FBC 5th Edition (2014). This will start with the method of how the Code is developed from the Base Code with discussion of the prior Florida Amendments that were removed and how some were re-adopted. The attendants will be shown the Florida Amendments that sunsetted along with the new Code inherited from the Base Code. The objective is to make them aware of the changes to the new Fifth Edition. SATISFIES 2 HOUR ADVANCED FBC

Your Price: $200.00
Member Price: $150.00

Advanced Fenestration Mitigation


This course is an in depth study of the fenestration and opening protection provisions of the Florida Building Code-Building, 5th Edition (2014).

This course is intended to familiarize licensed construction industry professionals such as architects, building officials, plans examiners, code inspectors, contractors, engineers, and interior designers, about the Florida Building Code-Building, 5th Edition. (2014).This course will address the different options within the Florida Building Code-Residential, 5th Edition (2014) that is currently available for mitigation to protect homes and families. The course begins with an explanation of what mitigation is, and dispels the different interpretations that the general public has concerning the mitigation definition. A thorough explanation of all the testing methods and label requirements used by the Florida Building Code 5th Edition (2014) will be given. The wind-borne debris provisions within the code will be discussed, along with the ASCE 7-10 maps depicting where this is required. All the wind-borne debris choices available by code, along with advantages and disadvantages of each will be explored. Caution will be noted as to what to look for when reviewing either a Florida Product Approval or a Miami-Dade NOA. As “energy” has taken a very prominent spot due to legislation, the decisions needed to be made in order to be compliant with the current code, as well as what the future codes will require, will also be clarified. SATISFIES 2 HOUR ADVANCED FBC

Your Price: $200.00
Member Price: $150.00

Windloads- Windows and Doors


This course will present an in-depth discussion of Wind Load Provisions of the 5th Edition (2014) Florida Building Code, Building and Florida Building Code, Residential with an emphasis on simplified methods for determining wind loads on windows and doors. (2 LU/HSW)

Specific provisions pertaining to the calculation of wind loads including design wind speed maps, exposure categories, wind-borne debris regions, enclosure classification and pressure coefficients will be addressed. This course will also present several options for determining wind loads on windows and doors using existing simplified methods and other applications.

Your Price: $100.00
Member Price: $75.00

Sketchup as a Means to an End

SM2E16DL / 1 HSW

Introduction to Sketchup software and design models into the design process including client workshop, 2D presentations, video, site videography/photography, traditional "sketch" presentations with computer and iPad/mobile devices and how Sketchup can improve productivity, save time and money as well as make more dependable designs.

Your Price: $50.00
Member Price: $35.00

Designing in the Anthropocene

DA16DL / 1 HSW

Emphasizing the city as ecology, UACDC has developed a repertoire of place-building models in watershed urbanism, context-sensitive street design, transit-oriented development, low impact development, and agricultural urbanism among others. This problemscape addresses “wicked” problems of the built environment and design’s role in building urban resiliency.

Your Price: $50.00
Member Price: $35.00

Masonry Construction & Inspection Certificate Workshop


Whether designing, building, testing or inspecting, when you’re working with masonry, understanding all of the codes and specifications governing the various masonry components (block, brick, grout, mortar and steel) is essential. Equally important is understanding the role of each of the team players involved with a masonry project. This workshop was developed to provide a big-picture approach to masonry and offers the latest information on all aspects of design, workmanship and materials. Members from the entire masonry family, from building inspectors and architects to masons and engineers, will benefit.

Your Price: $399.00
Member Price: $399.00

Ethics and the Law – Staying out of Trouble!


This course delves into the rules, regulations, and responsibilities of the practice of architecture and the responsibilities that you, as an architect, have in the profession. You will better understand the relationship between ethical behavior and the rules that govern architecture. In addition, this course will help you identify and avoid potential practice act violations. Provides 2 LU/HSW

Presented by Miguel A. (Mike) Rodriguez, AIA, Rodriguez Architects, Inc., Chair of the Probable Cause Panel and former member of the Board of Architecture and Interior Design & David Minacci, Board Prosecuting Attorney, Smith, Thompson, Shaw & Manausa, PA.

To order this course on DVD, CLICK HERE.

Your Price: $80.00
Member Price: $70.00

An Architect's Experience with LEED Gold (A Building Tour)


This course introduces you to Burke Hogue Mills, Inc., an Orlando-based architecture firm that has recently achieved LEED Gold Certification on their new headquarters building, the first architecture office building in Florida to be awarded this certification. You will hear from Bob Burke, AIA, principal of BHM as he introduces you to the firm and takes you from the site planning to move-in, and everything in between. Next, you will be invited on a (virtual) office tour where you will experience the finished product that led to the LEED Gold Certification. Provides 1 LU/HSW/SD

Presented by Burke Hogue Mills, Inc.

This course is not available on DVD.

Your Price: $35.00
Member Price: $25.00


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