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Notice of Proposed Bylaws Amendments

In accordance with Article IX of the AIA Florida bylaws, the following proposed bylaws amendments will be presented for vote at the AIA Florida Annual Meeting from 1 - 4 p.m. on July 27, 2022 at The Breakers. Only accredited delegates may vote on the amended bylaws. Online delegate accreditation will open June 27.

AIA National amended its bylaws at the 2021 Annual Meeting eliminating regions. AIA Florida's bylaws must be brought into compliance. A task force was formed in the summer of 2021 to review the bylaws and propose changes. While examining the bylaws for areas involving the former Florida/Caribbean Region, it was recommended that antiquated language be removed and addressing how AIA Florida names the representatives serving as Young Architect Director or on the National Associates Council shall be added.
The task force also recommended that amendments be made to provide more flexibility to the immediate past president when they form the Strategic Council. The amended bylaws clarify that the president may form advisory councils when deemed necessary and requires the Nominating Committee to have an associate member. The Codes and Standards Technical Advisory Council (C-STAC) is moved from the bylaws to rules so any necessary changes to keep the council operating efficiently are not subject to amending the bylaws.
The AIA Florida board of directors has approved these amendments to be presented to the delegates for consideration.
3) One The Regional Representative Strategic Councilor of the Florida/Caribbean Region of the Institute shall serve as a non-voting ex-officio members. Members residing in sections of AIA Florida outside of the State of Florida, are only eligible to be considered for election as a Strategic Councilor.

4) Institute positions such as the Young Architect Director, National Associates Council or similar shall be included in the annual call for nominations. The Nominating Committee shall fill these positions to be ratified by the Board of Directors. These positions are not members of the AIA Florida Board of Directors but may be invited to participate as guests at the discretion of the President.

Article V Strategic Council

Section 1 Strategic Council

  1. There shall be a Strategic Council composed of the immediate past president of the Association and a maximum 15 members. The council shall include a maximum of eight association members. The remaining members shall include, a maximum of three public member subject matter experts and as it is the desire of AIA Florida to regularly collaborate with the Deans and Directors of the NAAB accredited Schools of Architecture across the state of Florida, preference will be given to any Dean or Director volunteering to actively serve in this capacity. but shall be limited to three total appointments.
  2. The Strategic Council shall be nominated by the immediate past president, president and president-elect and presented to the Board of Directors for approval at the last board meeting of the year. no later than the first meeting of the year for which the council is being nominated.
  3. Members of the Strategic Council shall serve for a one-year term not to exceed one year. and may be reappointed renominated for subsequent terms

The Association committees/task forces are for specific short-term activities of the Association and standing committees, established by these Bylaws of two types:

a. ­­­­­ Association standing committees which serve the special needs of the Association and cooperate with similar committees of the Components or the Institute located in the state of Florida.

1) Association standing committees shall be a Nominating Committee, Finance Committee and other standing committees as shall be appointed by the President and approved by the Board to conduct the affairs of the Association.

The membership of these committees shall be selected by the President from the membership according to these Bylaws and Rules of the Board.

b. ­­­­­ Task forces or advisory councils may be created by the President or by the Board.­ When created by the President, the Board at its next meeting thereafter shall review such action and may continue or discontinue such committees, or make changes in membership, as it may deem proper.

1) Task forces shall expire with the fiscal year, but may be recreated to continue to function into the following fiscal year. Council terms shall be address in the Rules of the Board.

2) Chairpersons and members for task forces or advisory councils shall be appointed from the membership and their terms shall expire with the task force.

3) The President may, at any time, discontinue task forces, alter classifications, or make any changes in the personnel of special membership and Association standing committees and report such action to the Board at its next meeting.

Section 2. Nominating Committee

a. ­­­­­ There shall be a Nominating Committee whose duty shall be to nominate members in good standing with the Institute, the Components, and the Association qualified to become officers in the Association for each of the offices about to be vacated.

b. ­­­­­ The Nominating Committee shall be composed of the immediate past president of the Association as Chairman and four members-at-large of the Association appointed by the President of the Association.­ The four members-at-large should represent separate geographical areas of the state. One member of the committee shall be an Associate Member. Their appointments shall be ratified by the Board.

c. ­­­­­ The Nominating Committee shall review the qualifications of persons eligible to serve as officers and any AIA Florida representative positions to the Institute, shall prepare a slate of names for the offices to be filled, shall file these names with the Secretary/Treasurer of the Association not less than 90 days prior to the date of the annual meeting, and shall place all qualified names in nomination at the first business session of the annual meeting.

Please Note: Portions of the bylaws not relevant to changes have been omitted. Please click HERE for a complete copy of the bylaws with proposed amendments.

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