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  • Offer all AIA members, regardless of component, access to component Continuing Education programming.
  • Ensure quality continuing education.
  • Maintain continuing education transcripts
  • Offer licensure and career development support to emerging professionals.

Component Playbook

CES Provider Manual

Requirement: Offer at least 18 CES hours annually, of which at least 12 are Health/Safety/Welfare (HSW), to ensure members have access to sufficient credits to maintain AIA membership. These house may be part of a collaborative education plan with other CES providers. For at least 4 of these hours 18 hours, the component should have some direct involvement in creating, facilitating or customizing that content for its members to foster high-quality, relevant courses.

Documention: The institute will verify component provider course records. If the component does not provide 18 AIA LU/12 HSW credits annually, provide a CES partnership form to create educational courses. The institute will verify that at least four credit hours were filed using the component's own CES Provider account.

AIA Florida Resources:

  • If AIA Florida brought continuing education programming to your component, you should have received a letter from Wendy Johnson stating the course numbers and hours provided. If you need this documentation, please contact Wendy at

Requirement: Comply with requirements outlined in the CES Provider Manual to assure a basic level of quality and member service.

Documentation: The institute will verify that key requirement in the CES Provider Manual are being observed; specifically, submitting courses and updating member transcripts in a timely manner.

AIA National Resources:

Requirement: Provide career information and mentoring opportunities for emerging professionals to engage members early in their careers. Each state component appoints and maintains contact with state Architect Licensing Advisor, who serves as a resource to AXP participants.

Documentation: Provide at least one sample of component mentor communications that describe the compoment's AXP, ARE, career, or mentoring activities. State components must provide the name of the state Architect Licensing Advisor.

AIA Florida Resources:


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