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2023 Slate of Candidates

AIA Florida gladly presents this special preview of candidates for AIA Florida offices. The AIA Florida Annual Meeting and elections will be held on Wednesday, July 26 from 1 - 4 p.m. at the Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress in Orlando. Online delegate accreditation opens June 26.

First Vice President/President-elect (2025 President)
Elizabeth Camargo, AIA
Francis Lussier, AIA

Vice President 2024-2025 (two positions available)

Ernesto Alonso, AIA
Robert Graboski, AIA
Julian Norman-Webb, AIA

James "Monty" Stark, AIA

Associate Director at Large 2023-2024 (one position available)
Barbara Hughes, Assoc. AIA

First Vice President/President-elect (2025 President)

­Elizabeth Camargo, AIA

Elizabeth Camargo is the founder of EC Architecture+Design, an architecture and interior design firm in Miami Beach since 2004. Previously she worked in nationally renowned architectural firms in New York, Los Angeles, and Miami. She graduated from Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, with a degree in Architecture and Planning, and received her Master of Science in Architectural and Environmental Design from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Elizabeth served AIA Miami in several capacities: in 2017 as the 5th woman president in the chapter’s 88-year history. Under her leadership, the Resilient Recovery Task Force was established to offer a disaster assistance program in response to the devastation from Hurricane Irma. She also supported the creation of the AIA Miami Christopher Kelly Leadership Development Program. At the state level, Elizabeth serves as vice-president, chairing the Resilience Committee for two consecutive years. Nationally, she is a member of the Resilience and Adaptation Advisory Group and Public Outreach Committee.

Elizabeth has been an adjunct professor at the Florida International University-School of Architecture, serving as juror at the University of Miami and FIU. She is a member of the Bal Harbour Architectural Review Board and president of Dance!Now Miami Board of Trustees.


I have always believed that my responsibility as an architect goes beyond the walls of the buildings I design, as their impact reaches far beyond the immediate users. Our buildings have a social, urban, and environmental responsibility. They can improve people’s lives, help shape our communities and need to respond to more extreme climatic conditions.

Our profession faces many challenges, from the need to become more diverse and inclusive to the urgency in increasing the resilience and adaptability of the built environment. Fortunately, we have the training and the tools needed to face these challenges. Through advocacy initiatives we can promote the value of architecture and influence legislation that impacts not only the practice of our profession, but also the way buildings are designed and built. Our organization of 4000+ members strong has the power to improve the resilience of our buildings and communities, and contribute to the carbon footprint reduction of the construction industry by engaging architects throughout the state and disseminating information on the latest best building practices.

It will be my honor to dedicate my time and effort towards highlighting the relevance of our profession and maximizing our participation in the resolution of the challenges at hand.

First Vice President/President-elect (2025 President)

Francis Lussier, AIA

Originally from French-speaking Montréal, Francis Lussier, AIA | NCARB has over 23 years of experience in the planning and design of public and private facilities in South Florida, of which, with his design contribution; have received seven AIA Palm Beach Design Awards.­ A graduate of Montana State University, with both a Bachelor and Master of Architecture, which included a year-long abroad at the Alvar Aalto designed Polytechnic University of Helsinki campus; a transformational educational experience in understanding architecture as an apparatus for natural light.­­­­­­­­­

As a senior project architect with the 2022 AIA Florida ‘Firm of the Year’ leading hospitality and club design firm Peacock + Lewis, Francis has a proven ability to communicate effectively with his clients and construction partners, while being recognized for his creativity and problem-solving abilities.

In his free time, he enjoys tennis, trying to keep up with his NCAA Division I skills, traveling, mentoring young architects, and volunteering with AIA Palm Beach, having served as the 2017 President, and currently serving as Vice President on the AIA Florida Board of Directors.


B R I D G E: a structure built to span a physical obstacle.

I have come to realize that my current ‘middle’ career path has led me to serve as one of the ‘bridges’ spanning various challenges/‘obstacles’ of our profession, between;

•­­­­­­­­­ Inherent value of Architecture and the public perception of Architecture

•­­­­­­­­­ Emerging Professionals/ Young Architects yearning for knowledge and ‘Seasoned’ professionals’ knowledge transfer

•­­­­­­­­­ ‘Pipeline’ and ‘Transitioning’

•­­­­­­­­­ Adaptation of latest technologies and the ‘art of drawing’

•­­­­­­­­­ The ‘Office’ and the important balance of ‘Office’ culture

The AIA’s relevance and success lies in the Institute’s ability to accommodate, adapt, and advocate for the constantly changing needs of architects, serving the diverse communities we live in; towards a resilient future.­ I look forward to continuing to serve as a ‘bridge’ connecting the precocious needs of our profession.

Vice President 2024-2025 (Two positions available)

Ernesto Alonso, AIA

Ernesto Alonso, AIA, is a Design Leader at the DLR Group Higher Education studio in Orlando. His award-winning design experience spans projects of varying scales and typologies. He is a leader with a strong commitment to the community, academia and the profession. His philosophy is rooted in the belief that thoughtful design is a catalyst to change people’s lives and their communities.

Ernesto earned his Master's degrees in Architecture from the University of Florida. His devotion to the profession is driven by his intense commitment to making a positive impact on people’s lives. He has held various leadership positions within AIA Orlando Board and Committees , including 2020 Director at Large, Relocation Taskforce Chair, and Jury Coordinator for the Design Excellence Awards Program.

Ernesto is dedicated to reinforcing the link between practice, design, and education in the field of architecture. He has been an adjunct professor at Valencia College/UCF Architecture program since 2016, where he teaches design studio and mentors future architects. He also serves as a frequent design jury member for the University of Florida and the University of Central Florida. Ernesto's passion and commitment to education and the profession are evident in every aspect of his work.


I am driven by a deep passion for architecture and its transformative power in our communities. I am committed to elevating public understanding of the vital role that architects play in creating spaces that inspire, uplift, and positively impact people's lives. By increasing awareness of the profound impact of thoughtful design, we can cultivate a greater appreciation for architecture, and inspire the next generation of architects to innovate and push the boundaries of what is possible in an environmentally responsible manner.

Another critical priority for me is to create a more inclusive and engaging space for emerging professionals in AIA Florida. As a champion for the future of our profession, I am committed to providing young architects with the resources, mentorship, and training opportunities they need to thrive in a rapidly evolving industry. I believe that by nurturing and empowering emerging professionals, we can create a more vibrant and dynamic community of architects who are poised to shape the future of our profession. Together, let's work to foster a more inclusive and diverse AIA Florida that celebrates excellence in design, cultivates the next generation of leaders, and empowers architects to make a positive impact in our communities.

Vice President 2024-2025 (Two positions available)

Robert Graboski, AIA

Robert John Graboski, AIA, LEED AP is a partner at Village Architects of Key Biscayne, Inc. where he specializes is custom designed homes and low scale commercial projects.­ He graduated from the University of Miami where he earned his Bachelor in Architecture degree.­ He has served on the AIA Miami Chapter Board and was President of the Chapter is 2021. He has been involved in the Mentorship Committee which helps provide guidance to architect mentees to further develop their careers.­ He has also worked with the Advocacy Committee and has participated in the Legislative Days in Tallahassee to Advocate for the profession.­­ He sat on the City of Miami Historic and Environmental Preservation Board and continued his civic service by participating in the updating of the Preservation Design Guidelines for the MiMo Biscayne and Morningside Civic Associations.­­

I have always found it rewarding to work with my fellow professionals to advance our profession and I am not afraid to put in the work. I would like to move beyond my local chapter and work at the state level with the board and staff to better our profession. It is extremely important to me that we advocate for diversity, equity and inclusion in architecture.


I enjoyed being president of the AIA Miami as it introduced me to many wonderfully creative and thoughtful people who are dedicated to our profession. I am seeking the position of ­vice president and this has given me a moment to reflect on why architecture was the path for me. I believe in the importance of showing the variety within our field to the ones who are just starting their own paths. One of my goals as president will be to be more involved with our universities and colleges and emphasize the importance and value of having an AIA membership.­ ­

I value the learning and education process and the influence that can be made in having diverse experiences as part of learning process. I hope that we can collaborate with the students and the younger generation for I believe it is vital to maintaining the success of our chapter moving forward. The ability to mix different generations following the same career path together allows a transfer of the practices and experiences of the many aspects to being an architect.

I feel that my skillset and experiences are what qualify me to be a vice president and I would greatly appreciate the opportunity and consideration.

Vice President 2024-2025 (Two positions available)

Julian Norman-Webb, AIA

Having been secretary, vice president, and president of AIA Florida Gulf Coast , Julian remains active as their current state director to the AIA Florida Board. Leading the organization for the 2024 Sarasota Design Conference Julian continues his eight-year contribution to the event.­ Passionate about AIA Florida, he is a member of the Finance, Advocacy, and Resiliency Committees as well as the Technology Task Force.

Julian is a leader in his community through the AIA and education.­ He initiated and led an Architecture In Education program at elementary and middle schools in Sarasota County. He is a regional and state judge for the national K-12 Odyssey of the Mind program, and an invited critic at USF.


AIA Florida is our collective voice to be heard throughout the state, supporting the membership at all career stages, developing tomorrow’s membership, and strengthening our ability to shape the built environment. Collaboration is vital to help make that happen.­ Together, we can advocate for the profession and architecture, strengthening our professional license and positioning our AIA for the challenges and opportunities of the coming years.

Our profession can be proud of our contributions to our state through the work we do to foster a resilient and sustainable future; responding to natural disasters; and our advocacy in Tallahassee. Our members are frequently courageously selfless, which does not go unnoticed, but we still have significant work to do. We must build on the achievements of our previous leaders to develop the pipeline for leadership within AIA, and ensure our profession is truly attractive and available to all. We must support architectural education, advocate tirelessly, and always place the health, safety and welfare of the public at the heart of our mission.

Our influence and dynamism will raise our public profile and the wider appreciation of architecture. I would be proud and honored to help lead that effort as an AIA Florida vice president.

Vice President 2024-2025 (Two positions available)

James "Monty" Stark, AIA

James (Monty) Stark, one of the founding principals of Hoy+Stark Architects recognized in 2017 as AIA Florida Firm of the Year, is now entering its 17th year of business.

He received his BA in 1982 from Mississippi State University with honors and membership in the Tau Sigma Delta Honor Society, Graduating under William G McMinn as Dean of the school.

Working in firms from SOM in the Portland Oregon office to Fort Worth and Dallas, Monty became licensed in 1985 and maintains his Texas license in architecture and interior design, and since 2006, is licensed in Florida. Through this, AIA has always been a presence and resource for support, information, and growth. Today is no different.

In Tallahassee, Monty has served on the local board in a variety of positions including VP, secretary and president in 2017. Opportunities for service have included Architecture in Education, FAMU & Mississippi State student jury, and guest lecturer at FAMU and AIA chapters regarding technology in the design process.

Currently Monty has served the maximum term of a state director, and currently serves on the Resilience Committee & related task forces involving resilience, and code supplements as well as Communications Committee, and C-STAC as needed.


Architecture has proven to be the greatest adventure I could have imagined. I have been quoted in print as saying I would do this for free if my business partner and my wife would allow it (they won’t - so don’t push it).

Architecture takes us to places that you would not be able to script as a greater variety of experiences and relationships to encounter as a profession.

Communication of understandings, the design process, the construction process, TOGETHER accomplishing successes over challenges builds relationship.

I do not desire to do what I do alone.

As such, I desire membership in this professional organization as a resource – and now desire to return to the membership what I can offer in service and experience.

Leadership in the organization currently demands we have the hard conversations and encourage others to join us in the solutions necessary to appropriately benefit not just ourselves but those around us. We all warm by fires we have not built – let’s continue the good begun before us – for us – and see where this can go for those to come.­ I would be honored to serve where the association needs me, and I am ready at your direction.

Associate Director at Large 2024-2025 (One position available)

Barbara Hughes, Assoc. AIA

Barbara came to architecture after being a stay-at-home mom to her three children for 14 years. She attended the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, earning her undergrad in 2008 and her masters in 2010. During her master’s program, Barbara served as a TA and enjoyed her role as a mentor to her cohorts and the undergraduate students. She is currently on her path to licensure and acts as a senior project coordinator at Studio+ architecture in Fort Myers, Florida.

Moving from Wisconsin to Florida, she volunteered to become active on the AIA Florida Southwest board as an associate at large for Women in Architecture. Currently enrolled in the AIA JLI Leadership course, Barbara is actively pursuing developing a strong network of professionals in her new home state.


Working in various sized firms, Barbara always found ways to give back, either through Women in Design in Milwaukee or Women in Architecture out of Miami. Teaching others a valuable skill or connecting them with resources is a source of great satisfaction that closely resembles her previous role of Mom.­ She has found the best way to help someone is to lead with curiosity and help guide the person to discover their own path.


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