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Emerging Professionals Designs

The Design Competitions listed below are sponsored by the Florida Foundation for Architecture.


Health Care Clinic for the Homeless

The Florida Foundation for Architecture partnered with AIA Orlando?s Academy of Architecture for Health to sponsor the 2010 design competition for AIA Florida emerging professionals. The Competition aimed at fostering research associated with the design of clinical facilities to serve the medical, dental, and behavioral needs of homeless populations in communities throughout the state of Florida.

The Winners:

1st Place - Thomas Wannen, AIA

2nd Place - Kim Headland, AIA

Honorable Mention - Christian MacCarroll, Assoc. AIA

Honorable Mention - Lance Moore (Student)

The Sunshine State Sustainable Classroom Design Competition

The second annual Florida Foundation for Architecture (FFA) design competition focused on Florida?s classrooms. Called the ?Sunshine State Sustainable Classroom? Design Competition, emerging professionals designed new modular classrooms for use within the state.

The winners are:

  • First Place: Christian MacCarroll (CLICK HERE to view project)
  • Second Place: Kim Headland, AIA; John Thompson; Eric Gebo, Assoc. AIA; Eric Rice, AIA and Giancarlo Giusti, Assoc. AIA (CLICK HERE to view project)
  • Third Place: Thomas Wannen, AIA and Mandy Wannen (CLICK HERE to view project)

The Florida Cottage Design Competition

In 2008, the FFA embarked on a program to address the issue of emergency housing and couple that need with a pressing concern of affordable and sustainable (workforce) housing through the creation of a series of "Florida Cottages".

The Competition was aimed at fostering the research elements associated with the history of Florida housing, and is seeking solutions that will be tailored to address the design parameters of providing affordability, sustainability and structural durability for the Florida region. In order to address the ?quick response? element in disaster recovery this competition is designed to provide a ?modular? design solution which can be pre-manufactured and delivered to a site that will satisfy the design criteria.

CLICK HERE to view the 2008 entries.

A Light Rail System for the Sarasota Region

The core of the design problem was to design a prototypical light rail station for the Sarasota region. The need for viable mass transit is not only an environmental issue, but also a socioeconomic one. As the price of gasoline continues to hover at around $3.00 per gallon the need for mass transit options is becoming ever clearer. Florida?s streets and highways are crowded and people are searching for ways to conserve energy and save money. The middle class and working poor spend a disproportionate amount of their income on transportation costs. A mass transit system has the potential open options by increasing access to both jobs and affordable housing.

You can view the entries HERE from 2007.


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